Founder: Dr Rajiv Chavda

PhD, MSc, BEngg

As a Researcher, Dr Rajiv Chavda has spent many years on Data Visualisation research projects in the UK. His research works are widely recognized and cited all over the world. He has achieved his research degree and collaborated with noted world-class universities including Loughborough University, Teeside University, Bournemouth University and the University of Aberdeen. His passion for academic and desire to contribute back to the community in khambhalia lead him to venture into Grace education, a preschool of par excellence with the quality education.

Payal Chavda

PhD(con), MSc, BEngg

She has more than 8 years of experience in academic as an assistant professor. She is a Gold medalist in her post-graduation. Her global exposure to education enriched her academia. Her keen interest in academia lead her to PhD that focuses on the innovative Pedagogical approach to introductory programming. Her recent mother-hood and lack of quality alternatives in pre-school in khambhalia made her determined about leading Playshaala for little children.

Vaishali Chavda

M.Ed, M.Com

Vaishali has more than 12 years of experience in teaching in Sanskar education trust, Firdaus Amrtu Centre School, The Rosary school, Ahmedabad. She was a coordinator of Aadarsh English medium School and performed her duties to the par excellence. Her childhood passion to work in the education field and years of contribution in academia earned her respected name in khambhalia education field.